Welcome to My website

Finally! This website may have taken a long time, but I’m excited to have it up and running! Many of you slaves have been begging me to open up my own website but I had too many things to do… I just couldn’t find the time. I knew it was important (more for you than for Me though!) so I dedicated a lot of time and the result is that My website is classy and sexy, just like Me!
Although this site is for you to enjoy, remember that My enjoyment comes first. Through this site, you will be conditioned to become addicted to My beauty, My mind, and My sadistic pleasure!  Always remember that I don’t need you; you need Me. It’s a basic economical formula: there are way more of you pathetic slaves than Dommes of my caliber, so if you don’t behave and you don’t please Me and give Me what I want (hint: your money) I will just put you in the trash. It is easier for Me to find a good slave than for you to find someone like Me. So that means I make the rules and you follow them!